Weighing In

I’m trying to get fit, healthy and to be honest, I’d like to look hot in my old age :D.

Currently I weigh 178lbs. Not too bad, but not great either. I’m 5 foot 10 (okay 9.5)  and I’d like to weigh 165lbs.

I’ve got to tell you, I’m lazy. But, I do know that I have to make an effort to get this going. Pictures will be coming soon :).


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A new day!

It’s been a long time. No time to blog, no time to relax,no time to enjoy my life and my family.

I am forty years old. Actually, I turned 40 in June but today I am making a promise to my self to do all that! I almost wrote’to try to do all that’. But in writing that down, I feel like I will already be conceding that I may not be able to live my life the way I want to.

So, I promise from today on to live and enjoy my life. That means to enjoy my children, my husband, my parents, my siblings, my cousins, my friends, my love of fashion, makeup, looking and feeling great, seeing my city, seeing the world and so much more.

I promise to do at least one thing every day that is most important to me, because for 40 years, life has been living me. It’s now time for me to live life. As cliche as it may be, LIFE IS SHORT AND DEFINITELY WHAT YOU MAKE IT.

Angela Heitz Head shot

Hi, my name is Angela Heitz and I am so glad to meet you.

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Bonding with my son over Guacamole!

Today was an awesome day!

I have a 13 year old son that I love to the point that I can’t even explain! We are very close and get along great! Sometimes though I worry that he is growing up too fast and won’t need me much. I hope that I’m worrying needlessly.

Yesterday he decided that he wanted to make guacamole. When I got back from work today, he immediately wanted to start on the guacamole BUT he wanted me with him while he was making it. I helped him by chopping up the tomatoes and onions but he did the rest.

He was very happy because it tasted really good and I’m very proud of him. I’m really quite happy because today made me feel like he will still want and need me even as he gets older!

Here’s our guacamole recipe:

1 medium sized tomato, 1/4 onion, 3 avocado pears, 3 teaspoonfuls of lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon of salt.


Total time: 30 minutes

1. Chop up the onions and tomatoes,

2. Cut pears into two halves and take out the seeds,

3. Using a spoon scoop out the avocado flesh and place into a bowl,

4. Using a fork mash the pear to a form of paste, if you prefer your guacamole chunky just mash it a little bit,

5. Add tomatoes and onions and mix together,

6. Then add a the salt and lemon juice and mix well.

Serve with some chips.

Enjoy some pictures of our effort!

20140429_182151 20140429_182159 20140429_182330 20140429_182823 20140429_183005 20140429_182942 20140429_183406 20140429_184430 20140429_183937Angela Heitz blog comments call to action

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I’m not fond of shopping but LOVE the haul I get after! Here’s some stuff I got today.

Today I decided to treat myself to some shopping! I’m not fond of the process at all. I don’t really like trying to get through crowds to get to the shops I want, I’m not a fan of trying on tons of clothes till I find something that fits, although once an outfit fits, then it’s okay. Shoes are my worst! Okay, so I have ginormous feet, but that’s not my fault right?

Gosh! I sound like a sour puss 🙂 ! I know, I’M WEIRD!

What I do like, is all the stuff I get after shopping. I love looking through and trying everything!

So, here’s some of the stuff I got. I’m pretty excited.

20140426_160612 Gold sandals by Ralph Lauren

knee high boots                    Boots by La Canadienne

BCBG dress Dress by BCBGMAXAZRIABCBJ dress1 BCBJ dress2Hopefully it looks this good on me, I’ll keep you posted ;).

Coach bagLeather tote by COACH

If you have any tips about making the shopping experience enjoyable, please tell me, I’d love to hear them.Angela Heitz blog comments call to action

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England! Here we come……..in about 3 weeks.

Map of England with flag and Big BenIn 3 weeks, I’m off to England!! WoooooooHoooooooo!

I cannot tell you how excited I am. I lived in England for 13 years and it was great! I actually went to a Catholic boarding school in Chelmsford, Essex, and got my degree from the London school of Pharmacy. My Son was born in Greenwich, England. When we moved here, he had a very strong British accent. That’s gone now. He seems so American now, it’s going to be interesting to see how our family over there, whom we haven’t seen in a long time, view how much he has changed.

I have such fond memories.

I came to America in 2005 and I’ve been back once, I can’t remember when. But since that time, I’ve gotten married, had another child, and it seems like it’s been ages. This will be my husband’s first trip to the UK.

Sooooooo excited! My brother is getting married in Brighton, and I can’t wait to meet my new family. I’m also looking forward to seeing great friends, awesome family that I haven’t seen for ages and just being a TOURIST!! YES!!

a girl holds turned upside-down bookThis will be me =)!

My husband is hoping to see a live football (soccer) game!! We’ll see!

Don’t you find that when you live somewhere, you get so caught up in everyday life that you don’t get to enjoy your surroundings or get to do things or visit places around you? (I’m trying to change that!).

I’ll be in Brighton and London for a total of about 10 days, which is such a short time, for all the things I want to do, but here are a few pictures of places and things I hope to visit and see. ENJOY!

Tower bridge sunset

London Telephone Booth and Big Ben London, the UK. Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster. Vintage ?????????????????????????



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~The Love and bond of a brother and sister~

I have two children, and there’s a 12 year gap between both of them. I know I know, I’m not sure what I was thinking. Actually, life kinda got in the way and took that choice away from me. But that’s a long boring story!

LESSON: Never look back but learn from your past experiences.

Anyhoo, despite the age gap, they love each other and look out for one another and I’m so grateful for that because I gotta be honest, I was worried that they would not be able to relate due to the gap.

I’m so blessed and Life is Good =).

Here are a few pictures of them together, forgive the mediocre quality!

Remi and mina 644031_10151031542627452_1647932569_n

Remi and Mina 882052_10151309881112452_1659142138_o

Remi and Mina 976333_10151411684857452_761772266_o

Remi and mina 1014853_10151431763362452_794927933_o


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My family – The loves of my life.

For my very first post, I wanted to share a few pictures of my family, the loves of my life. They support and back me up in everything I do. They are my life line.

I am tremendously proud of my son who will be starting high school soon, I think my daughter is pretty awesome, she’s very smart and funny and my husband is a freaking rock star. He supports me in every way possible and is patient with me even when I’m being a pain.

I am very grateful for the family I have!SpotlightOn3_1433c  SpotlightOn3_1452 SpotlightOn3_1257bSpotlightOn3_1428c SpotlightOn3_1220c SpotlightOn3_1188b SpotlightOn3_1237c SpotlightOn3_1369bSpotlightOn3_1366SpotlightOn3_1117bSpotlightOn3_1401c

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