~The Love and bond of a brother and sister~

I have two children, and there’s a 12 year gap between both of them. I know I know, I’m not sure what I was thinking. Actually, life kinda got in the way and took that choice away from me. But that’s a long boring story!

LESSON: Never look back but learn from your past experiences.

Anyhoo, despite the age gap, they love each other and look out for one another and I’m so grateful for that because I gotta be honest, I was worried that they would not be able to relate due to the gap.

I’m so blessed and Life is Good =).

Here are a few pictures of them together, forgive the mediocre quality!

Remi and mina 644031_10151031542627452_1647932569_n

Remi and Mina 882052_10151309881112452_1659142138_o

Remi and Mina 976333_10151411684857452_761772266_o

Remi and mina 1014853_10151431763362452_794927933_o


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