I’m not fond of shopping but LOVE the haul I get after! Here’s some stuff I got today.

Today I decided to treat myself to some shopping! I’m not fond of the process at all. I don’t really like trying to get through crowds to get to the shops I want, I’m not a fan of trying on tons of clothes till I find something that fits, although once an outfit fits, then it’s okay. Shoes are my worst! Okay, so I have ginormous feet, but that’s not my fault right?

Gosh! I sound like a sour puss 🙂 ! I know, I’M WEIRD!

What I do like, is all the stuff I get after shopping. I love looking through and trying everything!

So, here’s some of the stuff I got. I’m pretty excited.

20140426_160612 Gold sandals by Ralph Lauren

knee high boots                    Boots by La Canadienne

BCBG dress Dress by BCBGMAXAZRIABCBJ dress1 BCBJ dress2Hopefully it looks this good on me, I’ll keep you posted ;).

Coach bagLeather tote by COACH

If you have any tips about making the shopping experience enjoyable, please tell me, I’d love to hear them.Angela Heitz blog comments call to action

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